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How to use space under the stairs

It can be quite frustrating not knowing how to use the space under the stairs for most home owners. The space under stairs is basically the empty area left beneath the stairs. You might have already searched up on the web under stairs space ideas but you can’t seem to settle for one. This space is normally used by many for shoes or hanging coats but after sometime, this place can get really messy. In this text, you will find creative ways to use that space under the stairs.

  1. Kid’s playroom

If you have little kids, you can turn the space under the stairs, also known as a spandrel, into a kids’ playroom. This is one of the modern under stairs ideas. Come to think of it, you will have solved two problems at once; you will have turned an empty space into something pretty and you will have also kept all play items in one place thus keeping your home tidy while still bringing joy to your child(ren).

  1. A bookshelf

If you are a book fanatic or you simply love books as statement décor pieces, then this idea is for you. You could turn the area under the stairs into a bookshelf. All you need to do, is add some shelves, cabinets, a bit of new paint and books of course, to transform it into a spectacular under stairs bookshelf. This is an example of under stairs ideas in living room since it will help you create a visually interesting space. You could also look at various inspiration ideas on theweb

  1. Pet house

While searching for ideas for space under stairs, a suggestion such as making it a pet house may have popped up. This is actually a wonderful idea, especially if you have pets. You could decorate the place a bit to suit your pet’s needs and you could also add their favorite toys and a small pet bed for them to make it more comfortable.

  1. A storage area

One of the common under stairs storage ideas is keeping shoes when someone comes inside the house. The under stairs shoe storage can be messy after a while so it’s advisable to check up on that place often to keep it tidy. You can also use the spandrel space to keep your bike.


The space under the stairs can be transformed into a beautiful area and this article can help you do just that.